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Animal Services Commission
  Animal Services Commission Agendas
Board of Public Works
  Board of Public Works Actions (Journals/Minutes)
  Board of Public Works Commissioners Agendas
  Community Forest Advisory Committee
Building and Safety, Department of
  Board of Building and Safety Commissioners Agendas
Burglar Alarm Task Force Committee
  Burglar Alarm Task Force Agendas
Cannabis Regulation, Department of
  Cannabis Regulation Commission
Chief Legislative Analyst
  Agenda Material (Ad Hoc Committee on Economic Development Implementation)
  Agenda Material (Hotel Living Wage)
  Agenda Material (Municipal Elections Commission)
  Commission on Revenue Efficiency
  DWP Reform Agenda
  Youth Development Task Force Agendas
City Administrative Officer
  OPA Selection Panel Committee
  3-1-1/E-Government Steering Committee Agendas
  Adult Film Industry Working Group
  Boundary Adjustment Board
  Cable Franchise Oversight Working Group Agendas
  Citywide Film Task Force
  Commission on Revenue Generation
  Document Management Steering Committee Agendas
  Emergency Command Control Communications System Technical Steering Committee Agendas
  Homeless Strategy Committee
  Information Technology Oversight Committee
  Innovation and Performance Commission Agendas
  L.A. for Kids Steering Committee Agendas
  Measure W - Safe, Clean Water Program
  Payroll System Replacement Steering Committee Agendas
  Prop F: Fire Facilities and Animal Services Facilities Oversight Committees
  Prop K: Regional Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committees
  Proposition HHH Adminsitrative Oversight Committee
  Proposition HHH Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee
  Proposition O Adminsitrative Oversight Committee
  Proposition O Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee
  Proposition Q Administrative Oversight Committee
  Proposition Q Citizen Oversight Committee
  Seismic Governance Committee
  Strategic Workforce Development Task Force
  Street and Transportation Projects Oversight Committee
  Street and Transportation Projects Oversight Committee Minutes
  Zoo Capital Program Oversight Committee Agendas
City Attorney
  Claims Board Agendas
City Employee Retirement System
  Board of Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System Agendas
City Ethics Commission
  City Ethics Commission Agendas
City Tourism Department
  Board of City Tourism Commissioners Agendas
  Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center Authority Agendas
Civil and Human Rights Equity Department
  Commission on Civil Rights
  Commission on the Status of Women
  Human Relations Commission
Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission
  Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission Agd
Community Investment For Families
  Commission on Community and Family Services
  Community Action Board
  Domestic Violence Task Force Agendas
Community Redevelopment Agency
  CRA Board of Commissioners Agendas
  CRA Bond Oversight Committee
Cultural Affairs Department Commissions
  Cultural Affairs Commission Agendas
Disability, Department on
  Commission On Disability Agendas
Economic & Workforce Development Department
  Community Improvement Planning Area Agendas
  Industrial Development Authority Agendas
  Small Business Commission
  Workforce Development Board Agendas
  Workforce Development Board Youth Council Agendas
El Pueblo
  El Pueblo Commission Agendas
  Sub-Committee Agendas
Emergency Management
  Emergency Management Committee Agendas
  Emergency Management Committee Minutes
  Emergency Operations Board Agendas
  Emergency Operations Board Minutes
Employee Relations Board
  Employee Relations Board Agendas
  Balboa Aquatic Center
  Highland Park Junior Arts Center Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committee (LVNOC)
  Reseda Skate Facility Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committee (LVNOC)
  Rim of Valley Trails Project
  Roger Jessup Youth Center Project Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committee (LVNOC)
  Serrania Park New Restroom Project Local Volunteer Oversight Committee (LVNOC)
  Stetson Ranch Equestrian Improvements
  Transportation Construction Traffic Management Committee
  Wilmington Drum Barracks Museum New Parking Lot Community Meeting
Executive Employee Relations Committee
  Executive Employee Relations Committee Agendas
Fire & Police Pensions
  Board of Fire and Police Pension Agendas
Information Technology Agency
  Board of Information Technology Commissioners Agendas
  Municipal Access Policy Board Agendas
L A Fire Department
  Board of Fire Commissioners Agendas
  Board of Fire Commissioners Minutes
Los Angeles Housing Department
  Affordable Housing Linkage Fee Oversight Committee Agenda
  Fast Track Loan Program
  Los Angeles Housing Depart Affordable Housing Commission Agendas
  Los Angeles Housing Department Rent Adjustment Commission
  United to House LA Citizen Oversight Committee
Los Angeles Police Department
  Board of Police Commissioners Agendas
  Police Permit Review Panel Agendas
Los Angeles Public Library
  Board of Library Commissioners Agendas
  Library Bond Oversight Committee Agenda
Los Angeles World Airport
  Board of Airport Commissioners Agenda
Neighborhood Empowerment
  Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Agendas
Office of Finance
  Business Tax Advisory Committee Agendas
  Board of Civil Service Commission Agendas
  Board of Deferred Compensation Administration Agenda
  Joint-Labor Management Benefits Committee
  Joint-Labor Management Benefits Committee Minutes
  Joint-Labor Management on Commute Options and Parking Agenda
  Targeted Local Hire Working Group
Planning Department
  Central Area Planning Commission Agenda
  City Planning Commission Agendas
  Cultural Heritage Commission Agenda
  East Los Angeles Area Planning Commission Agenda
  Harbor Area Planning Commission Agenda
  North Valley Area Planning Commission Agenda
  South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission Agenda
  South Valley Area Planning Commission Agenda
  West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission Agenda
Port of Los Angeles
  Board of Harbor Commissioners Agendas
Public Accountability, Office of
  Agenda Material
Recreation and Parks
  Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners Agendas
  Concessions Task Force Agendas
  Facility Repair and Maintenance Agendas
  Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committee (LVNOC)
Transportation, Department of
  Mobility Plan 2035 Street Redesign Project Notification
  Bicycle Advisory Comm Agendas
  Board of Taxicab Commissioners Agendas
  Board of Transportation Commissioners Agendas
  Pedestrian Advisory Committee Agenda
  Traffic Enforcement Alternatives Advisory Task Force Agendas
Water and Power, Department of
  Board of Water and Power Commissioners Agenda
Zoo, Department of the
  Board of Zoo Commissioners Agendas